Wednesday, July 3, 2013


Well, here it is.  I know, I can hardly contain your excitement.  This is my new blog.  I love to write, but I have a hard time making time for it and I figured I could use a fresh start on the whole blog thing.  This is going to be a source of truth and encouragement for myself and my readers.  I will be real (my blogs have always been real), make no mistake about that.  But I will always try to look at things through the eyes of my God and not my own.  I think that makes this different, fresh, and hopefully compelling.  I'm working on a blog description that will include more details of my vision for this blog.  But do know this: this isn't going to be a private blog.  So SHARE!!  The more, the merrier.  We live in community and life is to be shared.  NO ONE is alone.

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